Our experience and expertise

Exceptional field experience, both in public and private projects

Unique expertise in strategic consulting

Highly qualified technical expertise

Our independence and neutrality

100% independent company

Stage-gate process followed throughout the project

Our leadership

Keen awareness that the human factor is what makes the difference

In-depth understanding of stakeholders mission and constraints

Our track record in innovation

Ability to look at all aspects of an issue in order to develop innovative solutions

Extensive knowledge of proven, innovative practices  

Our services


Owner’s representative services

As owner’s representative, COSIME helps the owner define, manage and commission the project. Through project coordination, we ensure that the owner is fully capable of fulfilling its responsibilities. We provide the owner with independent expert advice regarding project execution and completion.

  • Development of a customised management strategy and execution process
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder and communications management
  • Tendering/procurement management and contract negotiation
  • Technical management and supervision, including quality control and monitoring
  • Integration and coordination of the various disciplines involved in a global perspective

Risk management

Effective risk management aims at maximising the advantages of a task and minimising any risk involved. Risk management must be both systematic and proactive in order to identify and control risks before they jeopardize the project. COSIME offers the following expertise:

  • Risk identification
  • Risk probability and impact assessment
  • Identification of mitigation measures
  • Cost-benefit analysis of mitigation measures
  • Implementation and evaluation of mitigation measures

Operations management

COSIME offers a full range of competencies to ensure effective short- and long-term operations:

  • Asset management, governance and financing
  • Definition of operational strategy
  • Development of operational structure
  • Operational monitoring.

SPV (Special-Purpose Vehicle) management

COSIME developed a unique expertise in public-private partnerships (PPPs) covering all aspects of SPV management:

  • Construction, commissioning and operations management
  • Media relations and communication campaigns
  • Comprehensive approach to construction and operations
  • Financial management and accounting

Financial advice for renewable energy projects

COSIME provides financial advice on debt or equity transactions for the financing of renewable energy or related projects. Our services range from strategic consulting to detailed execution.

  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Review of equity and debt markets to support negotiations with lenders and investors
  • Advice on financial structuring to maximise return on investment
  • Development of financial structure alternatives at the tendering phase
  • Preliminary and final term sheets for lenders and shareholders, with relevant legal advice
  • Negotiation of equity- or debt-based financing agreements
  • Due diligence management for the purposes of asset financing, acquisition or sale

Financial advice for infrastuctures

The COSIME team offers unrivalled experience in risk-sharing agreements (concessions, PPPs, design-build).

  • Project development, contract negotiations and bid preparation for Design-Construction-Financing-Operation-Maintenance contracts
  • Financial modeling, debt structuring/financing and equity investments
  • Planning, negotiation and execution of financing
  • Financial process management, capital structure optimisation and negotiations with lenders
  • Bidding process management and contract preparation and negotiation
  • SPV management during the construction, commissioning and operations phases of PPP projects

Economic Analyses

COSIME offers various economic analysis services, including in the following two specialties:

Multiple Account Evaluation (MAE)

Multiple account evaluation is an innovative decision-support tool that helps select the alternative that best meets the mandate, goals and strategies of the various stakeholders.

  • Identification of evaluation accounts to be assessed with stakeholders
  • Definition of performance indicators for each evaluation account (financial, environmental, social, etc.)
  • Identification of risks, constraints and opportunities
  • Detailed and summary matrix highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of different alternatives to help decision-makers resolve the trade-offs in an informed way

Economic impact studies

  • Impact of investment on key economic indicators
  • Economic development strategy (strategic investment plan)

Our approach

As soon as a project is initiated, our first task is to define the conditions for success in cooperation with all stakeholders:

  • Assess and develop a global, coordinated strategy to complete the project
  • Implement a risk-management process at the planning phase, ensuring early identification of the project’s strategic issues
  • Develop a project charter to define governance, ethical rules and a comprehensive project goal
  • Define all tasks required for project execution, completion and commissioning
Our approach is five-fold
  1. Integration of stakeholders as key players

    Integrating the various stakeholder issues requires a global outlook, taking into account all aspects of the project (technical, financial, environmental, social, political, organisational), and transparent decisional processes.

  2. Anticipation and proactive management of risks

    Early identification of the most efficient solutions allows for better control of contingency reserves for residual risks as well as the selection of the optimal project delivery method.

  3. Integration and synthesis

    Coordination between our tasks and the work performed by the various project participants ensures that the results obtained are accurate, clear, relevant and consistent.

  4. Continuous transfer of expertise

    Transfer of expertise is effected by teaming up COSIME’s and the client’s resources in project management, including their participation to planning, to coordination meetings and to the review of deliverables.

  5. Communication

    This aspect is a very important one to us. Experience taught us that a lack of understanding of key issues, incorrect analysis of a situation or a misperception can be the root cause of major, permanent conflicts that have the potential to put the very success of a project at risk. Proactive communication, based on genuine transparency and empathy, is an essential component of all our projects.

Our values

COSIME’s management principles and philosophy are based on strong values that we share with all project partners:

These values are:
  1. Thoroughness

    Once project rules are established and accepted, it is essential that all participants adhere to them. If some rules are too challenging for one or several participants, it is our duty to propose an arrangement or modification that will be acceptable to all.

  2. Empathy

    We ensure that each participant fully understands the mission and specific concerns of all other project stakeholders in order that project and stakeholder goals converge. The ability to empathise is what contributed most to the success of COSIME-led projects.

  3. Transparency

    The best way to ensure that all potential issues are taken into account in a project is probably to show each stakeholder that his concerns are being considered. Expressing a concern clearly and openly can contribute greatly to reaching a resolution, and save precious time in the process.

  4. Trust

    The values described above are only possible if a mutual trust exists within the various project teams. Implementing this level of trust is our responsibility.